Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Tattoos

 New pieces by Matt Decker
and Brett Baumgart!

humming bird tattoo; linework
Large line work piece on Allison. Tattoo by Matt Decker.

gear tattoo; linework
Gears tattoo by Matt Decker

Skull tattoo; linework;script
Tribute tattoo on Mickey. Tattoo by Matt Decker.

eagle tattoo; fire tattoo
Tattoo by Matt Decker

johnny cash; realism tattoo
Johnny Cash leg piece on long time client Brady

alicia keyes tattoo; celebrity signature tattoo
Alicia Keyes signed and Brett Tattooed.


alligator tattoo; realism tattoo; realistic tattoo
Alligator tattoo started by Brett, color to follow. Big thanks to Craig for traveling from New York for some ink!

realism tattoo; memorial tattoo
Small memorial tattoo in progress. 3 hours in another 4 hours to go.

realistic tattoo; realism
Small back of the neck tattoo on Teddy from the uptown.

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